A Long Day of Traveling But FINALLY in Guatemala!

Today has been quite hectic but I'm glad to be finally writing this while sitting in my room at Dos Lunas in Guatemala City. To start, I thought my flight to Guatemala was at 10:40am. However, it wasn't until I arrived at O'Hare and checked my bag in did I find out that my flight was actually scheduled to depart around 1:40pm. Whoops. Luckily I live pretty close to the airport so my family just drove back home and I took a nap before finally driving back to depart for real this time. The flight to Atlanta wasn't too bad, I slept through most of it and woke up about 15 minutes away to landing so it went by pretty quick. Shortly after landing at Atlanta, I met up with my professor Dr. Quinn before boarding and we got re-acquainted and I asked her some questions about my research paper and some of the plans we have ahead of us. Anyways, the flight to Guatemala City was actually pretty bumpy and it was hard to do work since I was getting pretty nauseous from the turbulence so I just ended up trying to snooze through it again. Upon landing, Dr. Quinn and I spent a good 30 minutes waiting at the wrong baggage claim but after we finally got our luggage we received a warm welcome from Erika and made the short drive over to Dos Lunas. It was so nice finally seeing everyone in our group again and I'm beyond excited for the trip we're going to make tomorrow to Xela! It's so surreal because I've been excited for this trip for so long and now I'm actually in Guatemala, so crazy. Anyways, I'm exhausted and I need some sleep. Will update tomorrow! -Scott

Update June 7: I made a vlog from this portion of my trip! You can watch it below :)