Leaving for Guatemala tomorrow morning!

Well it's currently 12:37am and I'm sitting in my room in Chicago pretty much all packed up and ready to go for Guatemala tomorrow morning. I'll admit, I kind of wish that I had more time to enjoy being back home because I've only been back for a week and I'm already leaving again tomorrow. However, I'm beyond excited for what's to come the next four weeks! I'll be updating this blog regularly as the course progresses and as I experience cool things to share but for now, I should probably get some sleep as I'm leaving for the airport at 8am in the morning. My first flight to Atlanta departs at 10:40am and from there I have a four hour layover until my 5:00pm flight to Guatemala City! Dr. Quinn will be on the same flight as me on the way to Guatemala so hopefully I'll be able to meet with her in Atlanta and ask her some questions about my research paper and all that is to come. Gotta catch some sleep! -Scott