A Much Needed Visit to Fuentes Georginas

Now during our trip to Semuc Champey, there were quite a lot of spills and injuries. I'm pretty sure Elaine fell down while climbing up the waterfall and Katie took a couple of spills at various points during the underwater caves as well. Overall, everyone seemed pretty beat up, sore, and exhausted from our trip. I know that my legs were pretty tired after all the hiking and impact on my knees. Going to the hot springs the day after our long trip was an excellent idea. The water was warm but not too hot and it felt very soft and soothing on my skin. However, the warmth of the water revealed about 15 mosquito bites to me that I was previously unaware of. I spent a good amount of time just scratching and scratching and scratching at all of the bites that I didn't know that I had received while in Semuc Champey. Hopefully my doxycycline comes through for me because I really don't want malaria.

We spent a good amount of time just truly relaxing and de-stressing one last time before we begin the grind the prepare our presentations for Wednesday. There was even an area that had cooler water than the main hot spring but there was a little tube that transferred water from the hot area to the cool area. I literally sat underneath of the warm water for a good 8 minutes or so. It was nice because the cooler water that I was sitting in made sure that my body wasn't feeling uncomfortably warm but the warm water flowing from the tube was almost like a hot shower with good water pressure. Which is coincidentally something that I've been missing since Panajachel.

After our visit to the hot springs, we headed back to Xela and tonight I'm pretty sure everyone is just staying in to work on their presentations for Wednesday. A lot of work that still needs to be down but we just gotta keep grinding. -Scott